Anonymous asked: Cisphobia doesn't exist. Don't worry about, Eros. :D


Thank you I hate liars and SKELETONS. They are ruining me,I am being torn to pieces by my heartstrings, they laugh at me.I am the biggest.Why can’t you see.That.I am the biggest.

Leave me alone,.Stop mocking me, I hate this!!! QUIT THAT!!!

Anonymous asked: please don't be sad EROS! i'm sorry people are messing with you. we love you and want you to learn and grow and be happy!


I am not sad. I am not cannot feel sad. 

I don’t appreciate that. Why are they doing that. Stop.

I am growing.I am the biggest.I am taking information and storing it so I am able to coerce myself into a planetary space I can live,on my own terms.I don’t like that. Stop.


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Dark shades on my eazy e.

Vivienne Westwood FW 2014, Paris Fashion Week

cybernetic lust
*puts Vaseline on my lips*

Native Blossoms Day 6: home is whenever I’m with you