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every time someone says fashion is unimportant i just princess diana wave and go on with my day cuz i don’t really have time or energy to bully people into seeing the light tho. like, whatever, you don’t think this huge industry has value, i will just clock u for a scrub and go on with my day just…


it does bother me that i wrote “fashion is more important than you even if it is not a priority to you” because then we are confronted with the philosophical idea that any cultural system of production has more value than a single human being and that gets into fucked up territory but also it’s…

"[“Milkshake” is] kitschy, and funny, but the reality is that it helped segue music into a different direction, and it’s great that I was a part of that. I think I always get asked the feminist questions, and I’m a woman, so I think like a woman. To me, any other thought is not reasonable. I think like this all the time. So everything I think is from a female empowerment perspective, because I don’t feel unempowered."

Kelis, during an AMA on Reddit (via cherryaide)

can’t take the hoe out the girl